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Ceramics, Silver And Silver Plate
Claret Jugs, Decanters And Glasses, Hip Flasks, Corkscrews
Compacts - Vintage, Perfumes
Costume Jewellery - Earrings
Costume Jewellery - Necklace And Earring Sets
Costume Jewellery - Necklaces And Crosses
Handbags / Vanity Cases, Purses, Mirrors And Magnifyers
Inkwells, Travelling Inks, Yatate, Blotters, Pen Boxes And Stationery Boxes
Lamps, Candlesticks And Candelabra, Bookends
Militaria, Medals, Compasses, Watch Stands, Treen And Tools
Paper Knives, Letter Openers, Letter Racks, Desk Calendars, Stamp Boxes And Seals
Parian, Bronzes, Figures, Glass
Pen Racks, Pen Wipes, Quill Cutters, Quill Knives / Erasers, Paper Clips And Paperweights
Pencils And Dip Pens, Nibs And Packaging
Pens, Fountain - Vintage
Pounce Pots, Sanders, Parchment Runners
Sewing Items, Linen
Snuff Boxes, Pill Boxes, Card Cases, Boxes, Caskets
Vestas, Cigar Cutters/piercers, Toothpicks, Coin Holders, Fruit Knives And Bookmarks

List of Stock

Gwenda Compact
Flapper Handbag
Arts & Crafts Candlesticks
Houbigant Compact
May Fair Compact
Commemorative Compact
Gwenda Compact
Gwenda Compact
Gwenda Compact
Linen Tablecloth
Czechoslovakian Necklace
Trifari Clip-0n
Early Plastic
Lucite Earrings
Stratton Compact
Stratton Compact
Stratton Compact The Princess
Yardley Cries of London
Yardley Compact
Stratton Compact
British compact
Bagcraft Vintage Handbag
Harrods Vintage Handbag
Pair Silver Bon Bon Dishes
Pair of Silver Pin Dishes
Bronze Cherub
Jewelcraft Necklace Set
Papier Mache Rack
Carlton Ware Bookends
Perry & Co.
Dressing Table Pot
Double-sided Eraser
Perfume Spray
Chinese Wood Carving
Pen Wipe
Eyebrow Corkscrew
Silver Pen Wipe
Silver Toast Rack
Capstan Inkwell
Victorian Inkwell
Japanese Yatate
Pounce Pot / Sander
Needle Case
Tape Measure
Pen / Pencil / Knife
Victorian Hemming Bird
Pin Cushion
Gravity Pencil
Life-Long Pencil
Pair of Candlesticks
Travelling Inkwell
Pair of Candlesticks
Victorian Pen / Pencil Combo
Pen Rack
Snuff Box
Letter Rack
Masonic Medal
Watch Stand
Swedish Glass
Georgian Travelling Inkwell
Silver Bon Bon Dishes
Capstan Inkwell
Mabie Todd Swan
Victorian Silver Top Pot
Coffee Bean Spoons
Christening Set
Pen Rack
Decorative Silver Top Inkwell
Glass Inkwell
Rocker Blotter
Pen Wipe
Paper Knife
Victorian Travelling Inkwell
Quill Cutter
Victorian Snuff Box
Rocker Blotter
Fob Pencil
Victorian Slider Pencil
Travelling Inkwell
Sovereign Case
Piggy Pen Wipe
Condiment Set
Letter Opener
Mentmore Paramount
Japanese Box
Quill Knife
Travelling Inkwell
Ships Inkwell
Travelling Inkwell
Dip Pen Nibs
Fruit Knife
Claret Jug
Quill Knife
Travelling Inkwell
Travelling Inkwell
Double Travelling Inkwell
Conway Stewart 85
Coffee Spoons
Eagle Head Inkwell
Victorian Glass Inkwell
Victorian Ship's Inkwell
Fruit Knife
Silver Capstan Inkwell
Railman's Lamp
Sovereign Case
Sovereign Case
Victorian Ship's Inkwell
Victorian Slider Pencil
Conway Stewart 27
Silver Pencil
Silver Pencil
WWII Medals
Inkwell with Pen Rest
Decorative Inkwell
Letter/Paper Clip
Perry Solid Ink
Snuff Box
Regent Pen
Stephens No. 76
Wyvern Perfect Pen No. 60
Parker Vacumatic Major
Croix De Guerre 1914-1917
WWI Medaille Militaire 1870
Croix De Guerre 1914-1918
Waterman Laureat
Altura 762
Waterman Ideal 52
Parker Slimfold
Parker Duofold
Parker 17
Letter Seal
Letter Scales
Victorian Bicycle Lamp
William Vale Pen/Pencil Combo
Pair of Candlesticks
Pair of Candlesticks
Mordan 'Popular' Desk Set
Vintage Handbag
Oroton Vintage Handbag
Bronze Bookends
Quality Toothpick and Pencil
Art Nouveau Thermometer
Parker 61
Snuff Box
Cedar Pencil
Silver Pencil
Claret Jug
Travelling Inkwell Compendium
Victorian Silver Pencil
Waterman 513
Mordan Letter Opener & Pencil
Sampson Mordan
Sheaffer Snorkel Demonstrator
WWI Sighting Telescope 1917
Travelling Inkwell Violin
Equestrian Clothes Brush
Bon Bon Dish
Silver Tea Strainer
Parker Duofold Junior
Copeland Spode
Georg Jensen
Railway Lamp
Parchment Runner
WWII Medals
Victorian Slider Pencil
Victorian Slider Pencil
Victorian Slider Pencil
Victorian Slider Pencil
Conway Stewart 388
Parker Set
Parker Slimfold Set
Sheaffer Snorkel
Vintage Globe
Silver Topped Inkwell
Wahl Eversharp Skyline
Parker Victory
Dragon's Head Letter Opener
Silver Coffee Spoons
Three Draw Telescope
Sampson Mordan Pencil
Sampson Mordan Dip Pen
Sheaffer Targa
Travelling Inkwell
Silver Pencil
WWI Medals
WWI Medals & Plaque
Rocker Blotter
Conway Stewart 330
Conway Stewart 75
Conway Stewart 85L
Sterling Silver Dip Pen
Conway Stewart 73